Saturday, 18 February 2012

SEED's 12th Birthday

International Women's Day 2012 is the 12th Anniversary of SEED when The SEED Handbook was first published simultaneously across the Atlantic.   And what an incredible twelve years it has been for women entrepreneurs. The book's subtitle "the feminine way to create business" was treated as completely whacky by some of the media at first - including the women's press - whereas now it has become recognised  that women do have different strengths such as  relationship building, listening to our intuition and multi-tasking which can prove very strong assets to all kinds of businesses.  There is still a long way to go in the corporate world but I have seen  through SEED and B.Hive how women business owners' confidence grows as we learn to work together, network and share our dreams.

We are celebrating our birthday with lots of different exciting activities over the period, starting with me joining some of the country's top women in the country at a very special breakfast organised by the WIE Network  on March 8th at the Stock Exchange, followed by my workshop  on The Whole Women at their event at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden.

Talking of Covent Garden, B.Hive will be celebrating all day with a special IWD Tea at our flagship in Southampton Street and I am very proud of our Manchester B.Hive Community who are hosting the main fundraiser for Oxfam for the day with talks, events, stories and treats at our beautiful King Street, Manchester B.Hive.

Friday is the start of WOW (Women of The World) at The South Bank and I will be interviewed by the Festival's Director Jude Kelly at 2 pm followed by hosting The SEED Clinic where the SEED Team will be there to work with all newcomers on their vision of starting a sustainable enterprise.

We are also launching the SEED Video Survey where we will be interviewing thousands of women across the country over the coming months on what truly matters to them.

And on Saturday and Sunday I will be holding  at B.Hive, Covent Garden two very special events, the SEED Coaching weekend where you can learn to be a SEED Coach yourself and on Sunday, 11th March I will be running my SEED Experience Day which is full of activities and enjoyment while planting the SEEDS to the rest of your life.  You can find out all you need to know by visiting

It's going to be an incredible celebration,
See You In The Garden,
Love Lynne

Thursday, 13 January 2011

New York New York

Just can't believe its been so long since  I've blogged and here I am tonight in New York City on the first visit for a long time.  Meeting up with good friends as well as having some very exciting business meetings.  I managed to catch the snow as well as a huge flu epidemic but it's still vibrant and exciting here.

The biggest shock to me has been the way that cab drivers and restaurants are so aggressive about huge tips all the time - and how expensive everything seems to be.  The garbage, as we call it over here, hasn't been cleared because of the snow but Mayor Bloomberg has promised that all will be cleared tomorrow.

 The TV seems pretty hopeless - watching an 80's Saturday Night Live at prime time as the best on - but everyone, well Piers Morgan at least, is waiting for his new show to start next week and those who can find it, are watching the new Oprah Network.  The jury is out on that one - I just would like her to be featuring a few new personalities rather than the usual Dr Phil, Suzy Orme and the team.

 It does all seem rather dated here in some ways - the stores, the attitudes - and of course there is tremendous sadness at the shooting at the weekend.  The UK seems more exciting for me right now but I do hope that I manage to get back here fairly regularly  as I still am going through my eternal love affair with so many aspects of American culture - the good stuff anyway!  They have the best vintage in the world, they get the movies first and there is still a wonderful energy that I love.

It has been a great trip with only one day left - and lots still left to do.  Watching the sunset over the river while at a meeting on the 50th floor of one of New York's many ridiculously high buildings reminded me that I do absolutely still love it here - surly cab drivers or not.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Happy Xmas

So much to catch up with but it will have to wait for New Year's Retrospective Blog as off to do the Xmas shopping.  Meanwhile Happy Xmas from me and Noodle at B.Hive xx

Monday, 6 December 2010

The snow, a mystic and a dragon

There is something so magical the first morning of the snow when you look out of the window and everything really looks like a winter wonderland - even in my tropical Notting Hill Gate garden.  It's only when it starts affecting the details of life - cancelled appointments, driving in a blizzard, unable to take the dog out for a walk without freezing off my extremities - that the charm started to wane.

But as always,  it has been an interesting week or so.  A last minute invite to the Women in TV and Film Awards was a trip with the incredibly funny Julie Walters hosting, aided by the never-funny 4 Poofs and a Piano.  She didn't need them - that's for sure.  Lots of bright young women getting and giving awards - the ubiquitous Claudia, Jane Goldman, Beeban Kidran - it's clear to see who runs the TV and Film industry.  It's the first time I've been for years and it has grown to enormous success.  I spent most of lunch speaking to Dragon Theo Phaphitis who did seem really nervous addressing such a powerhouse of women and the charming BBC news presenter Jane Hill - Theo and I are now following each other on Twitter - what a crazy world!

I started my week driving to Nottingham in the blizzards for the local Inspirational Women Lunch where I had committed to speak months ago when requested by Sister Jayanti of the Brahma Kumaris, a woman and a mystic for whom I hold nothing but love and respect.   I did meet some wonderful women there including Nottingham's  Chief Constable  and Susan Johnson, a former prostitute who is now a town councillor and community leader - both of whom have promised to come for a visit to B.Hive in the New Year.  And Sister Jayanti was as inspiring as always.  She reminded us to reflect last thing before sleep on what we have learnt about ourselves during the day which I have been trying out - for good and for bad.

Some good times at B.Hive as always - a visit  from the two Rachels - Ashwell and Johnson - was a highlight of our  Rachel Ashwell breakfast.  plus an afternoon there with  my beloved friend Eve Ensler, now recovered from cancer with her short, adorable cap of hair, speaking to young women leaders about her latest V-Day campaign to encourage action against sexual violence.  A quick nip in also from Jude Kelly, Artistic Director of the South Bank, to meet Eve and have discussions on WOW, her Women of the World project for next International Women's Day in March 8th which I am delighted to be involved with. 

Melissa Choi finished off the afternoon perfectly as our B.Hive Business Woman of the Month with a  tasting of her delicious, healing Choi Time teas that Eve loved so much she is taking some back to New York.

This week is the British Fashion Awards which I modestly claim to have started more than 25 years ago plus some interesting meetings - hopefully without any snow this week but who knows.  Back to the big smoke tomorrow morning from the charm of my country cottage - I hope to see you all soon, love Lynne

Monday, 22 November 2010

Frankly Speaking: last week

Frankly Speaking: last week: "Is time just going faster and faster or is it just me. Since getting back from my detox in Austria last weekend I haven't stopped for breat..."

last week

Is time just going faster and faster or is it just me.  Since getting back from my detox in Austria last weekend I haven't stopped for breathe.

 Wonderful things happened all week at B.Hive. Great new members  like Sister Snog; a high level of visitors including the amazing Lynne Patterson from the American grass roots microfinance organisation Promujer; an extraordinary celebration for Women's Enterprise Day with the Camden Women's Forum and a morning event for the Ogunte group of social purpose entrepreneurs the next day; a visit from and finally a quick pop in by our designer Rachel Ashwell on her first visit since helping me with the planning of the B.Hive look nine months ago.

I also had some great fun partying in between everything else. Saw the Gorillaz at O2 with Mary Portas and partner Mel and the gang from Grazia.  Had a night off on Wednesday after a 12 hour day starting with the papers on BBC Radio London.

I loved the anniversary party of Shortlist Media, publishers of The Stylist, where I went with my friend Gloria Abramoff and Tim Samuels, hanging out all night with Tim and Irish broadcaster and raconteur Patrick  Keilty - definitely the two sexiest broadcasters there that night.  Also went for some nostalgia to The Groucho Club where I'm hanging out again to celebrate the opening of their smoking terrace - which of course I shall never go near again. It was fun to see so many old friends from the London media scene of the 80's - amazing that we are all still here.

That was most of it - collapsed back to Oxford for the weekend where I saw Africa Unite - a not-to-be-missed movie about a group of children crossing Africa to get to the world cup.  I learnt a lot about Africa and enjoyed the movie theatre in Cowley which is a trip in itself.  Also tried the very energetic Zamba dancing Sunday morning and got in lots of meditation-time with the Brahma Kumaris and long walks down the river with Noodle - phew - now back to London for a rest.

I give thanks every day for my wonderful life and my beautiful children and grandchildren - have a good week, Lynne xx

Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Detox

I'm now into 24 hours at the Mayr & More Clinic in Austria - and 24 hours on three pieces of spelt bread, a couple of sheep's yoghurts, a little bowl of veggie soup and lots of water.  Detox headaches are circling, I've been given a variety of powders and pills and I haven't even started the treatment properly until tomorrow.  Regardless I'm thrilled to be here in time to pull my body back from the brink of unhealthiness one more time.

Good companions on this press trip and we've been comparing I-Pods, Blackberries, I-phones and Apps on our afternoon off.  Interesting to see how we will calm down and start relaxing once the massages kick in.

Delighted with my quote in Fleur Britten's piece in today's Sunday Times Style magazine on how women can be more successful when we work together than being the competitive bitches that the media present.  Finally got on the Sunday Times on-line where you can see me being filmed at B.Hive talking more about women in business working together in a collaborative way.

Happy Sunday evening x