Monday, 22 November 2010

last week

Is time just going faster and faster or is it just me.  Since getting back from my detox in Austria last weekend I haven't stopped for breathe.

 Wonderful things happened all week at B.Hive. Great new members  like Sister Snog; a high level of visitors including the amazing Lynne Patterson from the American grass roots microfinance organisation Promujer; an extraordinary celebration for Women's Enterprise Day with the Camden Women's Forum and a morning event for the Ogunte group of social purpose entrepreneurs the next day; a visit from and finally a quick pop in by our designer Rachel Ashwell on her first visit since helping me with the planning of the B.Hive look nine months ago.

I also had some great fun partying in between everything else. Saw the Gorillaz at O2 with Mary Portas and partner Mel and the gang from Grazia.  Had a night off on Wednesday after a 12 hour day starting with the papers on BBC Radio London.

I loved the anniversary party of Shortlist Media, publishers of The Stylist, where I went with my friend Gloria Abramoff and Tim Samuels, hanging out all night with Tim and Irish broadcaster and raconteur Patrick  Keilty - definitely the two sexiest broadcasters there that night.  Also went for some nostalgia to The Groucho Club where I'm hanging out again to celebrate the opening of their smoking terrace - which of course I shall never go near again. It was fun to see so many old friends from the London media scene of the 80's - amazing that we are all still here.

That was most of it - collapsed back to Oxford for the weekend where I saw Africa Unite - a not-to-be-missed movie about a group of children crossing Africa to get to the world cup.  I learnt a lot about Africa and enjoyed the movie theatre in Cowley which is a trip in itself.  Also tried the very energetic Zamba dancing Sunday morning and got in lots of meditation-time with the Brahma Kumaris and long walks down the river with Noodle - phew - now back to London for a rest.

I give thanks every day for my wonderful life and my beautiful children and grandchildren - have a good week, Lynne xx

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