Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Detox

I'm now into 24 hours at the Mayr & More Clinic in Austria - and 24 hours on three pieces of spelt bread, a couple of sheep's yoghurts, a little bowl of veggie soup and lots of water.  Detox headaches are circling, I've been given a variety of powders and pills and I haven't even started the treatment properly until tomorrow.  Regardless I'm thrilled to be here in time to pull my body back from the brink of unhealthiness one more time.

Good companions on this press trip and we've been comparing I-Pods, Blackberries, I-phones and Apps on our afternoon off.  Interesting to see how we will calm down and start relaxing once the massages kick in.

Delighted with my quote in Fleur Britten's piece in today's Sunday Times Style magazine on how women can be more successful when we work together than being the competitive bitches that the media present.  Finally got on the Sunday Times on-line where you can see me being filmed at B.Hive talking more about women in business working together in a collaborative way.

Happy Sunday evening x

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