Thursday, 13 January 2011

New York New York

Just can't believe its been so long since  I've blogged and here I am tonight in New York City on the first visit for a long time.  Meeting up with good friends as well as having some very exciting business meetings.  I managed to catch the snow as well as a huge flu epidemic but it's still vibrant and exciting here.

The biggest shock to me has been the way that cab drivers and restaurants are so aggressive about huge tips all the time - and how expensive everything seems to be.  The garbage, as we call it over here, hasn't been cleared because of the snow but Mayor Bloomberg has promised that all will be cleared tomorrow.

 The TV seems pretty hopeless - watching an 80's Saturday Night Live at prime time as the best on - but everyone, well Piers Morgan at least, is waiting for his new show to start next week and those who can find it, are watching the new Oprah Network.  The jury is out on that one - I just would like her to be featuring a few new personalities rather than the usual Dr Phil, Suzy Orme and the team.

 It does all seem rather dated here in some ways - the stores, the attitudes - and of course there is tremendous sadness at the shooting at the weekend.  The UK seems more exciting for me right now but I do hope that I manage to get back here fairly regularly  as I still am going through my eternal love affair with so many aspects of American culture - the good stuff anyway!  They have the best vintage in the world, they get the movies first and there is still a wonderful energy that I love.

It has been a great trip with only one day left - and lots still left to do.  Watching the sunset over the river while at a meeting on the 50th floor of one of New York's many ridiculously high buildings reminded me that I do absolutely still love it here - surly cab drivers or not.

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  1. We love that you have a blog- can't believe that you are so accessible!