Saturday, 31 July 2010

Saturday Cleanse

I can't really believe that I've decided to stay in on a Saturday night, despite several invitations out, to give myself a liver cleanse. But during my meditation class this morning at the Brahma Kumaris, we discussed patterns and addictions. We also discussed how we lighten up emotionally and spiritually when we lighten up physically.

And as I sat there at 7 am feeling absolutely stuffed from non-stop nibbling the day before I decided that today was the day. I would prove to myself that I can control my emotional eating, even if it is healthy food, and treat myself to a day of lightening up.

No food all day, fresh grapefruit juice in the morning, apple juice in the afternoon and the delight of several doses of epsom salts, water and lemon juice during the evening and tomorrow morning. I'm right in the middle of the evening now and feeling very self- righteous and definitely light to the point of flying. If you want to know more, just google liver cleanse and you'll find it.

And all is good - my dog Noodle for company, some great walks today along the Thames, some necessary creative work completed, the Proms and Sondheim on TV, the sounds of the summer jazz concert on at the Arboretum next door floating through my windows, a long session in my hot tub - and everything in the garden is lovely.

Must run,

Have a wonderful August weekend,

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