Monday, 26 July 2010

A Family Affair

My Festival Season has finally taken off with a very chilled time Sunday at Womad, where there were equally as many groovy grey surfers, little girls in angel wings and beautiful young mothers all getting down to what is without question the best collection of live world music in the UK.

Wherever I happened to be standing, another band or singer was performing some of the most soulful music to a beat that I've danced to in a long time. I discovered and fell in love with Grammy Award Winner Dobet Gnahore, a stunning young woman from the Ivory Coast, who had the crowd dancing the whole way through her set; loved Mayra Andrade from Cape Verde, whose music I've been playing for months and the Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, who played wonderful upbeat reggae and apparently came together in a refugee camp. I missed so many others but did catch Imelda May from Ireland who got the whole content of the main Siam Tent rocking to her blue grass.

I also caught Greenpeace's photobooth with their genuine Banksy backdrop and the cashmeres for £2 courtesy of the large festival special Oxfam shop. Riverfood ran a really interesting Taste The World Area where several musicians were playing and cooking at the same time.

Womad has Soul; great food; clean loos and lots of space. Everything, sorry to say, that I didn't find the week before at Latitude. I am definitely going back to Womad for the whole weekend next year.

I spent the day with my friend - and ex-boyfriend John - and I told him of the wide response I got to my last blog about virtual love. He told me all his experiences dating on the web from a man's point of view and I shared mine. Promise to share his perspective soon. We also entertained ourselves guessing which couples we saw were long term and which ones had recently met on the internet. A great game - you should try it. Then you have to guess which sites - I think the Guardian won hands down at Womad.

I'm off to Five Rhythms tonight in Oxford with the lovely Chloe,
See you soon,
love Lynne

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  1. Great food and clean toilets are vital for anyone's enjoyment of a festival. I went to Latitude a couple of years ago and while I didn't find the toilets too bad, the food choice and availability was appalling then. Sad that they haven't improved on that. Grown ups do not want shitty fairground food. And Latitude is not meant to be a teen fest.