Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Summer passing - B's are buzzing!

Hi there,

Despite the dearth of my blogs over the last three weeks, I haven't totally disappeared.

I was on the run - between an eclectic selection of festivals including Edinburgh, Beautiful Days, Womad and my local Notting Hill Carnival - to working intensely in London on B.Hive, the beautiful new women's business club I'm opening with Regus in Covent Garden later this month.

I'm going to be talking a lot about B.Hive over the next few weeks as I am so totally passionate about it and I'm sure you'll see lots in the press too. Our full website will be going up soon and there is a special founder members offer for all SEED members so if you haven't yet joined, visit and you'll get all the news.

I'll be sending out full info and details in the next few days and I promise to keep up with my blog, telling you about some of the extraordinary adventures that I seem to be having on a regular basis. I'm sad that summer seems to be passing far too fast but there are exciting times ahead!

See You In The Garden,
Lynne xx

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  1. Congratulations Lynne on the success of Bee Hive. Having spent years in less than personal business centres this is a huge and innovative step forward.Let me know when you're opening some in France, preferably in Macon!! Onward and upward