Thursday, 17 June 2010

Women networking

What an incredible reaction I've had to the story about women networking in the Evening Standard. New members have literally been pouring into my community site hungry for connection with other like-minded women. My on and off-line SEED Circles are growing like ivy and Facebook's gone even more nuts than ever with 'new' friends wanting to be clicked in.

I've been contacted by women artists, pianists, lawyers, business women and other journalists, all wanting to be part of this revolution that has been quietly going on for years. We women need to connect with other women - it's part of our DNA - and by sharing our stories, both happy and sad, we can support and learn from each other while being vulnerable in a way that we find difficult to do in front of a man. We can laugh and cry with each other over life's great foibles which only other women really appreciate.

The magic that happens when groups of women come together is almost an intangible energy that makes anything possible. I can't wait until Sunday when the 12 women participants will be arriving from all over this planet to take part here in Deia at my Creative Women's Leadership Retreat, See you in the garden, Lynne

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  1. I read about your 'community' in Style Magazine today and am looking forward to joining it. I have never known a time such as this for women to come together and share experiences. It is as if social media has been the 'tool of change' that we have all been waiting for without knowing it.