Monday, 28 June 2010

13 Women Up A Mountain

Thirteen women flew in to join me on my Bloom Retreat in Mallorca from South Africa, Australia via Nepal, France and the UK as strangers and left as beloved friends and a Circle of Women who will be in each others lives for many years to come.

From the worlds of design, personal and community development, business, permaculture, training, yoga and healing, this group of highly creative and spiritual women discussed their personal dreams as well as the situation for women world-wide and the future for this planet. We shared how we can all contribute to our local and global communities together as well as supporting each other individually.

It was an intense week of authentic connection as we all committed to the values and vision we wish to guide our future lives. One of the circle was the world-renown astrologer, Scottish-born Marjorie Orr, who informed me that last week was cosmically probably the hardest week of the year to hold a retreat although added that the most challenging time was also when deep changes can occur.

She was absolutely right and I have already asked her to already check out the dates for the November Retreat that I am now planning, to ensure that there won't be such intense planetary interaction as well as the full moon and eclipse we had this weekend. In fact I intend to check all my event dates with her in future. Check her out yourself on

Even with the heavens having their upheaval, we sang, laughed, hugged, danced, did yoga, art, enjoyed delicious food , walked in beautiful surroundings and shared our stories and experiences alongside the journey of the Bloom Personal Leadership Programme.

I can't wait for the next one as well as continuing to stay connected with this great circle of women.
See you in the Garden,

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