Sunday, 31 October 2010


It's been a week of lots of friends visiting me at B.Hive where I have rather taken up a Queen Bee residence. My visitors have loved coming though and Covent Garden is so convenient. My visitors this week included the lovely Lisa Warner, founder of award-winning Fink Cards; Lisa and Susan, editor and deputy of The Stylist Magazine; my first boss on Petticoat Magazine and good friend over the subsequent many years Eve Pollard, first British woman newspaper editor, founder of Women in Journalism and many other high achievements and now recognised as Claudia Winkelman's mum; well-loved broadcast producer Gloria Abramoff and my good friend Jo Morrell, almost back from baby leave to take over as MD on Grazia and other mags.

It's been quite wonderful this week at B.Hive to see all the smart young women who have been joining up and using it to have their meetings and run their businesses. Yesterday's Saturday Times Mag cover story about Generation Zero referred to young women who run their businesses off their laptops and that certainly seems to be the case with many B.Hive members who are among other things creating on-line magazines, sending technology to Africa and running PR businesses.

Saw the wonderful woman's film "The Kids Are Alright" with the splendid Anita Bening and Julianne Moore. Now cooking a relaxing Sunday lunch before it all starts again - see you at The Hive, love Lynne


  1. Lynne, it looks marvellous. I am almost sorry I no longer live in London! How long before regional B.Hives start popping up across the UK? I live in the middle of nowhere and had not bargained for how isolating it is to be self-employed, female and working in the creative arts. I miss the companionship, inspiration and support that B.Hive offers. Please make Bath or Bristol one of your first regional outposts - either is within reach for me. Meanwhile I'll come check out B.Hive next time I'm in London.

  2. Wow, what a week Lynne. Congrats! and greetings from Marin County ..... I'm lovin' it here and also happy to move on to Sydney tomorrow. And yet it is a shame I am not in London hanging out with you all and swarming at the B.hive!!
    Love Gina