Friday, 10 September 2010

Man Power, Woman Power

Two great evenings in a row. Last night I went to the launch of Vidal Sassoon, The Movie - an extraordinary tale of one of the most creative and passionate men I know. I used to go as a young mod to Vidal's first Bond Street salon in the early sixties and queue up for a five point geometric cut done for free by the young trainees; my agency did his PR when his product company sponsored London Fashion Week and he and his hospitable wife Ronnie looked after me when I went to live in LA in '97. Vidal is now 83, as smart as ever and an influence on millions of people all over the world, as modern and forward thinking today as he was when he started in the fifties.

Today was spent doing photographs of the different rooms and spaces at my B.Hive business centre which is almost ready to open. Tears were in my eyes when I arrived this morning as I could see my dream really coming true - and looking so gorgeous. Will be posting some of the pix up when I get them. We are already getting women from all over the country wanting to join up - and we're not officially open for business for another week. Although do get in touch if you're interested - great special offer for all SEED members.

Tonight a different kind of evening having a dinner with my old friend Mary Portas, her wife, fashion writer Melanie Rickard, Grazia editor in chief Jane Bruton and broadcaster Gaby Roslyn. We never stopped talking for over five hours and it just proved that when five powerful smart women get together, they are equally generous with their laughter and the sharing of space and stories. Blackberries out, Mary and Mel were tweeting and we were all taking pix of each other to post. Mine to follow tomorrow. Night night - Lynne

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