Saturday, 12 June 2010


What does it feel like to look through eyes of love...eyes of peace...eyes of deep wisdom?

Can we change our destiny by changing the way we see?

It's Saturday and I started my day at 6 am visiting my friends the Brahma Kumaris at their Global Retreat Centre just down from my little home in Oxford. I had the pleasure of meditating eye to eye with one of their senior women leaders Dadi Galzar visiting from India (Dadi means elder sister) who shared her deep sense of peace with the group as well as her wisdom. She said that if you add the letter 'a' to the word tension to make attention, a focus on God and consciousness will get rid of the tension. I am already trying it after an intense week in London and it's working.

I am off to teach my women's retreat in Mallorca tomorrow but if you are anywhere next Oxford next Saturday afternoon, 19th June, between 4 - 6 pm, you can meditate with Dadi Galzar yourself, as well as enjoy a midsummer tea party with music in the beautiful grounds of the Global Retreat Centre at Nuneham Courtenay all for free - check it out and book your place.

I am so blessed to live so near to the magical Global Retreat Centre, where Lewis Carrol got his inspiration for Alice in Wonderland. Two weekends ago I joined a small retreat there called Call of the Time with thirty thought leaders of all ages from all over the world to restore and refresh while sharing our thoughts and wisdom. One of the other guests, writer Alan Briskin, a co-author of the important new book "The Power of Our Collective Wisdom sent me this inspiring visual meditation with music that he created from his images of the Centre so please visit and share the peace - and learn more about his new book.

I will be back blogging from Deia Mallorca this week - see you in the garden, love Lynne xx

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