Wednesday, 9 June 2010

First Day

At last after many years of procrastination I am ready to start my blog, sharing with those who are interested the things that inspire me together with some of my experiences in the chaotic multi-faceted aspects of my life as a social activist, business woman, spiritual feminist, dancer and babyboomer grandmother.

Sustainability has been my focus this week - alongside my business meetings, dancing the Five Rhythms and taking my dog Noodle for her daily walks in the park.

I have just returned from the first Bioneers Conference in the Netherlands looking at Biomimicry and the genius that the natural world does on a daily basis where we can learn so much to support our environment through sustainable engineering. I sadly missed the Tallberg Conference on sustainability that followed in Sweden but have been watching on the internet - cannot recommend it highly enough -

And have been watching the latest talks from my friend and mentor Hazel Henderson, who has been writing and forecasting the state of the Global Economic Casino and the alternative Love economy for many years - see her on

On a lighter note, I am on Newsnight tonight speaking about the 80s and was photographed with my stand-up son Josh Howie for the press to promote his one-man show at the Edinburgh Festival in August. Plus it was my grandson Mordie's first birthday a week ago - happy birthday darling - see the Mordie blowing out the candles show on my Facebook page.

See you in The Garden,



  1. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts and comments. I've always considered you as a role model so I'm v interested in reading your blogs. Good Luck.


  2. Thanks Charlotte - here I go.

  3. Were you in Amsterdam? Love, Gloria

  4. Hi Gloria - I was going to phone - literally at Amsterdam airport on way to centre of Holland - it was all a bit of a rush - much love xx

  5. Hi Lynne....met you years ago,used to work for Joseph,G rest him...
    became a friend on Facebook...the retreat interests me as I have a home in Palma,but cant do it this time...
    love to read your blogs...good luck

  6. Thanks Maureen, we'll be back in November at the next retreat - let me know, best wishes Lynne

  7. Welcome to the world of blogging, poppet. x